The day we disappeared  by Lucy Robinson

29 Jun

This is the story of two friends who are each running from their past. Kate wants to keep a low profile, she is terrified that her past is going to catch up with her.Annie’s problems go a lot further back, to her childhood, and she has never allowed herself to get close to men or have a long term meaningful relationship.

They are both starting new jobs, new starts with new bosses who are going to have a big impact on them.

It begins with Kate as she starts a new job as a trainee at a stable yard. We discover she has little experience with horses but has to make a success of it as she has nowhere else to go. She is skittish and doesn’t want the world to know where she is.

Annie is an exhausted masseur running around London, until she meets Stephen who makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Suddenly Annie’s life is a dream, but her friends think it’s all happening a bit quick. We wonder if they are right.

This book was such a page turner there was so much thought put in to not just the main characters but all of them.

This book is full of OMG moments and you will find it almost impossible to put down..


28 Jun

a review of grey coming soon 

A christmas to remember by Jenny Hale

15 Jan

Carrie’s favourite holiday is christmas but this year she can’t celebrate with her own family, because she is working.
She works as a nanny and she really loves her job and gets great pleasure out of the children she cares for, but Carrie has decided she wants to start her own life and to do that it requires her to stop the job she loves, Carrie wants to have a family of her own and there is no way she can do that whilst she is on call 24 hours.
So with her new goal decided she decides that this temporary job over the christmas and new year period will be her last.

Carrie has taken a job as a temporary nanny to two adorable children David and Olivia twins aged four.
When Carrie arrives at the home she finds out that the children are here for the Christmas holidays and have very little contact with their father Adam.
Adam seems to be working all the time this resulting in his children not knowing him and them thinking that is the norm.

Carrie feels there is a spark between her and Adam and Carrie is determined to show Adam what a joy his children are.
Carrie tries to get him more involved in the life of the children, but it comes with mixed results, Carrie is concerned that so many memories that most children have of playing with their dad David and Olivia will miss.She doesn’t want him to miss out on any memories he could share with them.

Adam asks Carrie to get the house ready for Christmas with the children and informs her that his family will be coming to spend Christmas there too.
Carrie comes up with some cunning plans to get Adam involved in getting the house and presents for the children ready.

When Adams family arrive she instantly hits it off with them,they are kind loving and caring and they are also concerned that Adam is missing out on the best years of the children’s lives.

Will Carrie be able to make Adam enjoy his christmas with his children, will she be able to get Adam more involved with David and Olivia?
Will Carrie’s feelings for Adam continue to grow and does Adam feel the same?

Love, lies and lemon cake by Sue Watson

5 Jan

Faye Dobson has been a loving wife who is devoted to her husband and loving mother for 20 years.
When her daughter goes off to university, Faye sees the chance of having some nice quality time with her husband, but recently he would rather be reading a plumbing magazine.
Faye starts to realise that her life is not quite what it has been and everything has all become a bit stale.

Faye comes across a list she made when she was younger. A bit like a bucket list, she called it a “living list”. Within this list were all her hopes and dreams, things Faye wanted to do with her life.
After finding the list she made in her youth she looks to see how much she achieved. Faye is disappointed when she sees that the only things ticked off we’re getting married and becoming a mum.
Faye takes a long hard look at herself and the list, Faye decides that she is fed up of the life she is leading now so after much thinking she decides to leave her husband who rarely pays her any attention, to start a new life and get a few more life experiences ticked off her list.

With Faye starting her new life the last thing she she expected was to develop a crush on a young Australian surfer who works at the deli. There is something about the young man that gets Faye in all of a fluster, even though he is a lot younger than her there is just something that keeps Faye going back for more.
Faye starts getting friendly with the young surfer and she is flattered by how much attention he has paid her in the short time that they’ve known each. It proves how stale her marriage was as she tries to remember the last time her husband paid her any sort of attention.

What will happen to Faye? Will Faye discover a new exciting life just around the corner and will she be alone.
Join Faye as she learns that life can be better if you want it.

But I said forever by Jennifer Gilby Robberts

3 Jan

Brittany is living live most girls dream of, She has married Phillip who is a well off doctor, they have a baby together and a beautiful home. They have just moved house to a town that is closer to where Phillip works. But with all of this their marriage seems to be going stale and Brittany is finding it very hard being shut in the house with the baby every day.
Brittany decides she needs a change and a challenge so she hires a nanny and goes job hunting, Phillip is not happy about Brittany’s decision to go back to work but he thinks that she will soon get fed up with it and go back to being just a housewife and mother.
Brittany enjoys her job in the bakery and much to Phillips displeasure she stays at the bakery.
All is not as it seems though and Brittany finds out that Phillip has been keeping a secret from her,
Brittany decides to file for a divorce, But she then starts to worry about how she will be able to work and raise a baby on her own?

I enjoyed this book and I feel the author has described the troubles of bringing up a baby and how a mother wants and needs time away from the baby no matter how much the mother loves them.

The great Christmas knit off

14 Nov

The great christmas knit off by Alexandra Brown

When Sybs gets stood up at the altar not only is that the worst thing that could happen but for the groom to run off with her twin sister!! Sybs is not coping well and her mind is not on the tasks it should be so she turns to the best thing that de stresses her. Knitting. Sybs decides to leave London and head to her best friends pub out in the country but when her car fails to start she decides to catch the train. After all it can’t be too far from the station can it?
Whilst in the village of Tindledale Sybs meets a mix of people including Hettie a sweet old lady who owns a Haberdashery shop in the village but due to poor sales over the last few years the shop may very well have to close down and Hettie may have to sell her shop and home. Sybs comes up with an idea to save the shop and the house, will Sybs plan work with the help from a few of the villagers of course!
Another person that Sybs meets is to her surprise someone she has met before Dr Darcy, a man that she saw on her journey to Tindledale who her lovely dog basil tried to steal a cake from. Sybs is attracted to him with his dark hair and emerald green eyes.
Could Dr Darcy be the man to restore Sybs faith in men and a possible romance.

As christmas gets ever closer Sybs gets told to take some extra time off work so she decides to stay in Tindledale for Christmas and her plans to help Hettie get well underway. Sybs feels really at home in Tindledale and she forms several close friendships and feels so at home there..
During her stay Sybs finds out lots of things about the residents and some secrets of the past.

I throughly enjoyed this book I loved the way the book was written as if Sybs was telling you all about her life and what was going on in it. The book was filled with emotion and humor which kept you glued to the story, very descriptive scenes where you could picture the village and all the shops and people in you head.

A great read weather it be to relax or just to fill your love of reading.

Take mum out by Fiona Gibson

17 Jun

I received this book as a review copy from Netgalley

Alice Sweet is a single mum of two teenage boys, she works as a school secretary and she decides to start her own meringue business from home. Alice believes her life is absolutely fine and even though her friends say she should get back on the dating scene, but as her thirteen year old son says, what does she need a boyfriend for? She’s a mum!! She doesn’t NEED a man!! Alice is very independent and she’s quite capable of building her own flat packs – and as for sex, well, that seems unnecessary and pretty alarming now – at least you know where you are with meringues! Her friends would beg to differ and keep on at Alice urging her to ‘get back out there’. So Alice decides to keep them quiet and after a disastrous date with a man who he likes her but the spark just isn’t there. Alice decides to take her friends up on their offers to each fix her up with a man of their choosing.

So Alice goes on three dates with three very different men.

Stephen, he is a quiet dentist and a single father to a girl around whom his life revolves.

Giles, a young man who has a bit of a thing for older women.

Charlie, a journalist who is fun loving and who also has a love for booze. Charlie takes her away to Paris.

Then not planned there is the owner of the deli, a tall, dark-eyed and sexy stranger who catches her eye.

You follow through dates some that are lovely but just lack that certain something, to dates that really make you cringe and you feel you want to help Alice get out of there.

you will be smiling and excited when she finally chooses Mr Right.

You learn about Alice’s sons who are growing up fast and are by no way silly

I enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down, there is so much true life in there that it will have you saying ” that’s so like me or my family”