Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James

18 Oct

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When Anastasia (Ana) Steele does a favour for her best friend and room mate Kate, little does Ana know it will change her life forever.

An ill Kate asks Ana to do an interview with Christian Grey CEO of Grey Enterprises, Holdings Inc.

During the interview with Christian she knows she is attracted to him, she is unsure why he has such an unnerving effect on her. Ana having completed the interview feels she did not do very well. She just can’t get Christian Grey out of her head, there was just something about him, how he connected with her. Ana convinces herself she will never have contact with him again.

Little does Ana know that Christian is attracted to her, like a moth to a flame.
Christian turns up at the hardware shop where Ana works. How did he know where to find her?
After buying a few items and talking to Ana he leaves after giving her his number.

When Kate learns Christian has given Ana his number she urges her to call him to arrange a photo shoot, to go with the interview. Ana calls him and agrees to the photo shoot, it takes place in the hotel where Christian is staying.

Christian wanting to learn more about Ana asks her out for coffee, his main object is to find out if Ana is single and he likes the answer.
He reveals that he also is single but is in no way the original romantic.

When Ana is on a night out with friends she drunk dials Christian, who is angry at the state she has got herself in and put herself in potential danger.
Christian tells her to stay there as he is coming to get her.

Christian admits he wants a relationship with Ana, but it is not the type of relationship she is expecting. Christian makes Ana sign a disclosure form to not reveal anything about him to anyone.
Ana is curious about why Christian is how he is and why he favours his idea of a relationship rather than the “normal relationship”
What has happened to Christian in his past for him to be the way he is?

Ana so wants a relationship with Christian and when he draws up a contract for their relationship and asks Ana to think hard about it, she is in two minds she knows she shouldn’t but deep down she knows she will.

It is only when Ana visits Christian’s home that she starts to see the darker side of him, a side that surprises her.
Ana sees Christian’s play room and this gives her even more insight of what it is he is after.

Will Ana fall in to line with Christian’s ideas of a relationship?
Can Ana find out what has made Christian who he is?
Will Ana have the relationship she dreams of with Christian?
Will Christian ever be able to put his past behind him and learn to love?

Fifty Shades of Grey was a good book but it is not for the feint hearted.
This book follows Christian’s BDSM lifestyle, there are a lot of graphic scenes in the book but an exciting storyline.
There are a lot of moments where you are thinking will they or won’t they.

There are a few phrases that are repeated a lot in the book but when you are engrossed in the book you do not notice it as much.

I found it a very easy book to get in to and once I had got a few pages in to it I could not put it down.
Once you have read this book you will be reaching out for the second one.

Although a very graphic story that touches on subjects that some people may feel uncomfortable with, the storyline was nice and was leaving you hooked, you learn a lot about the people in the book and really get to know them.

What to read next

17 Apr

I am reading a few books at the moment but not getting the feel for them. Any suggestions on a book you would like to see a review on.?

Happy Families by Janey Fraser

26 Mar

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Happy Families by Janey Fraser

Happy Families follows three main characters and their families, who all have a link with each other. These characters are:
Who’s son Jack aged 7 is a handful always getting into mischief and always trying to get the attention whether it be climbing up on shelves or running a mock in the supermarket. No matter how hard Bobbie tries Jack always chooses the wrong moments to play up making Bobbie look like a bad mother to those who witness Jacks behaviour.
Daughter Daisy who is 8 but acts more like she is turning 18 is very bossy and will often show Bobbie up by repeating things to others that she really shouldn’t.
Husband Rob who works long hours in London and often has dealings with clients who are abroad, is missing his children growing up as he does not usually get home until the children are in bed asleep. Rob does not see what Bobbie has to cope with and when he sees how the children behave he complains to Bobbie that she could try harder to control the children.
The family has just recently moved to Corrywood so they can have a better life. Robs sister Pamela and her family also live in Corrywood and Bobbie and family go to a party held at Pamela’s house. Whilst Pamela’s daughters, who are older are well behaved, Jack and Daisy run riot and it is suggested to Bobbie that maybe she should attend parenting classes.​​​​​ Bobbie decides to go along to the local school where the classes are being held and is filled with dread when she sees one of the people taking the course is her sister in law Pamela, but luckily she is taking the other group. Bobbie hopes that if nothing else from this course she may make some friends. To start with Bobbie feels out of place on the course but she soon realises that her children are just as bad as others and in some cases other people’s children behave a lot worse.
Bobbie soon becomes friends with Vanessa, a grandmother on the course who is looking after her granddaughter Sunshine. Daisy becomes good friends with Sunshine and helps her settle in to life and school in Corrywood. When Vanessa says she needs some help in her shop and would Bobbie like to help, Bobbie jumps at the chance and loves it.
However there are some big changes ahead for Bobbie and her family especially when she suspects her husband of having an affair. Is Rob having an affair? What changes are in store for Bobbie? Will her friendship with Vanessa last? Will a shock surprise bring the family closer together?

Vanessa runs her own very successful second hand clothes shop. Vanessa has one wish that her personal life could be as successful as her business. Vanessa has a daughter who she has lost contact with and an ex-husband who turned out to be already married. Determined to get her life back on track she decides to give internet dating a go and she meets up with a really nice man called Brian who is local and used to be the headmaster of the local school.
As Vanessa and Brian’s relationship blossoms they start to reveal things about their pasts to each other and they find they have a lot in common. Vanessa feels that she can tell Brian anything and shares things with him that no one else knows.
Little does Vanessa know that her life is about to be turned upside down, when one night a man arrives at the door with a little girl with him and tells Vanessa he has been told to give the little girl to her to look after. He hands the sleeping child over to Vanessa along with a note from the little girl’s mother. The little girl is 6 year old Sunshine, Vanessa’s granddaughter. Vanessa takes in Sunshine and vows to do her best for her, seeing it as a second chance to raise a child without the mistakes she made the first time round. Vanessa decides to go to the parenting classes that have been suggested to her by the head teacher at the local school as a way of getting to know others and to get any help she feels she may need. Vanessa becomes good friends with Bobbie and she asks her to help in the shop.
However things do not run smoothly for Vanessa as not only does she have to get Sunshine used to a new way of life there are also many other obstacles on the way including Sunshine having to have a DNA test to see who her father is, and the new found confidence and attitude of her granddaughter. Then some life changing news worries Vanessa and her relationship could also be on the line not to mention her friendship with Bobbie.
Will Vanessa’s daughter ever come back for Sunshine? What is the life changing news? Will her relationship with Brian end as a happy ever after and will her friendship with Bobbie last?

Andy is Pamela’s husband and he has the perfect family or so he thinks. Andy’s past haunts him and even his wife does not know any of what has gone on in his past, he remembers how his stepfather used to treat his mother and how they both left him to fend for himself. Andy recalls how he was put in foster care but fell in with the wrong crowd and his behaviour led to him ending up in a children’s home. It was at that children’s home where the manager took pity on him and helped Andy make something of his life.
After a good investment when he was younger Andy had enough money to buy out a partner in the business he worked in making him very rich indeed. In the present day Andy sells his share of the company to spend some time at home with his family. Andy is soon thrown in the deep end of looking after his two teenage daughters Mel and Nattie whilst Pamela is off helping her mother after she breaks her arm. Andy is aware that Pamela was supposed to be leading the parenting class held at the local school, so when he is approached at the school gates by one of the teachers who has organised it he feels obliged to fill in for Pamela, after all it will only be for a week wont it?
Andy is very popular on the course, but Andy learns that his daughters are not quite the angles he thought they were and he starts to feel a fraud taking the classes when he could not even control his own children.
Pamela stays away for a lot longer than was expected and all sorts start going through Andy’s mind, so he goes to Pamela’s mother’s to see her, but Pamela looks different and is behaving differently too. Andy starts to think maybe she is having an affair but the truth is much harder to take and he is shocked by the revelation.
Andy gets close to Bobbie after the classes and confides in her but also develops feelings for her too. Andy feels he can talk to Bobbie but their closeness does not go unnoticed.
A blast from Andy’s past shows up at the parenting classes and causes Andy distress and could lead to trouble.
What is happening to Pamela? Will Andy’s past be exposed to all? What happens between Andy and Bobbie? Will life ever be the same again?

Happy Families explores family life for three very different families, it picks up on the fact that you may think you have the best behaved and wonderful children but if you see them in a different light are they really any different from the children you think are ill behaved and rude? The parenting classes show that no matter how well off or how poor you are or even what social label you may have your children are more than likely to behave in the same ways and the problems you have others have too, you are not alone even if you think you are.
There are many events in this book that keep you hooked and wanting more, especially when you reach the end of a chapter and it ends with something major happening and then the next chapter is carrying on with another character and their story. It is good how all the characters are linked to each other as when you are following a chapter about Bobbie for example when you move on to the next chapter about Vanessa or Andy it just flows and does not jump around and confuse you.
I love the depth all the characters have you can picture all the families and the setting when you are reading this is all down to the great descriptive writing.
I thought it was really nice to see some of the characters from Janey Frasers other books. Matthew and Lottie, Paula and Jilly from The Au Pair, also Gemma and Joe from The Playgroup. It was really lovely to catch up with these people and to have a glimpse of what they have done with their life.
A brilliant book that shows you that your family is what you make it and not what others think about it. Great story line that is easy to follow with some surprising revelations as well as tantrums and fall outs.

New review coming this week

24 Mar

I am pleased to announce that there will be a new book review posted on here this week. It is a review of Janey Fraser’s new book Happy Families which is out this week. Keep your eyes open for the review.



A French Affair by Katie Fforde

18 Mar

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Sisters Sally and Gina find out they have inherited a stall from their aunt at The French House Antiques centre, The French House is run by Matthew who appears to be grumpy and reluctant of change.
The sisters go along to The French House to see what it is exactly they have been left and to talk through the strange inheritance as it is not just the stall they have got but a task too and Matthew has to help them with the task.

Sally is settled with her husband and twin girls, she is so pleased that Gina has moved closer to them.
Gina specialises in PR has come out of a long term relationship and has moved to the country to avoid seeing him. Sally and Gina get on well but Gina has made it quite clear she does not want her sister matchmaking for her.

Matthew takes Gina to an antiques fair and they arrange to meet Sally there, Matthew is trying to show them what to look for and how to make a deal. Whilst looking at a stall Matthew and Gina pretend to be a married couple, this fills Gina with a warm fuzzy feeling, she brushes this feeling off and is definitely is not going to tell Sally who would be trying to matchmake.

Gina really wants to make a go of having the stall at the centre but Sally is not so keen.
Gina notices how quiet The French House is and she comes up with some ideas to encourage trade.
Gina try’s to convince Matthew about opening on Sundays and an event to increase sales, Matthew is set against it and says if Gina can convince the other traders he will think about it.

As Matthew and Gina work together they start to get closer and it becomes apparent how Gina feels when she is looking after Oscar, Matthews huge dog. She tries to deny these feelings but realises she loves Matthew.

Gina invites Matthew to share christmas with her at Sally’s. It becomes clear that Matthew could feel the same way too.

A part of Matthews past causes The French House to come under threat and Gina comes up with a plan to save it, but will it be enough? Will Matthew agree to the plan?
Gina’s plan could risk a lot not only The French House if it doesn’t work but her relationship with not only Matthew but Sally too.

Will Gina’s plan save The French House?
What from Matthews past has put the centre in danger?
Will Matthew and Gina have a personal relationship as well as a working one?

Another great Katie Fforde book filled with lots of will they won’t they moments, we see Matthew mellow and see a softer side to him.
I like all the detail that is in the book you get a feeling like you are there watching it all unfold.

Lots of reading

4 Mar

I am reading a few books at the moment so hope to do a new review soon.

Lack of reviews

23 Feb

Sorry for the lack of new reviews at the moment. I have had a mix of hours at work and not had the time to read much. I will aim to have a new review on here very soon.

I am eagerly awaiting the release of Katie Fforde’s new book which is out on Thursday

Sazzielou xx


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